International Bazar 2014

International Bazar 2014
30 November 2014

The 54th International Bazar 2014 was held on 29-30 of November 2014 at Lux Expo, premises of the International Fair of Luxembourg.

The Prince Guillaume and the Princess Stéphanie attended the International Bazar where more than 50 countries got together with the aim to support a number of international humanitarian projects in the Grand Duchy and around the world.

This year, at least 90 charitable works were highlighted including four for Luxembourg; thus, a part of proceeds from bazar will feed associations like Make a Wish, ALAN, ASTI and ALUPSE-bébé service.

The stand of Azerbaijan decided this year to offer to visitors its hot traditional food – Tchoudou and Pilaf. These two dishes had a great success with the public just like fresh fruits, tea, fruit juice and pastries coming directly from Baku.

The participation of Azerbaijan was marked by a talented Azerbaijani musician Imamyar Hasanov.

A big thanks to sponsors, Gilan Holding and AZERSUN, whose donations made it possible to organize such a nice presentation of the stand of Azerbaijan.


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