Art Exhibition "1001 Сolours of the Land of Fire"

Art Exhibition "1001 Сolours of the Land of Fire"
15 June 2015

The exhibition titled “1001 Colours of the Land of Fire” presenting the works of young women artists from Azerbaijan was inaugurated in the building of “Karabakh” Azerbaijan Cultural Association in Luxembourg.

The ceremony was opened by Mrs. Eva Rodick, First Secretary of the Association, who stressed on the importance of this event and called the public to get to know better the one thousand one colours of the land of fire.

In her speech, the organizer of the event and the President of Sonmaz Mashal Cultural Relations Public Union Mrs. Shahkla Nagiyeva briefed in detail on the purpose and content of this project.

She stated that the project was aimed to inform the Europeans once again about the dynamic economic development of Azerbaijan and to create a greater awareness of its beauties, historical monuments, culture and arts.

Young artists Nermine Veliyeva, Shahla Gahramanli and Gunay Hasanova presented their works. “Gobustan”, “Old Baku”, “Beauties of Azerbaijan”, “Maiden Tower”, “Poppy flowers”, “Azerbaijani carpet”, “Pump jacks”, etc. – such is the incomplete list of works displayed at the exhibition.

Young artists did not forget the Karabagh theme: along with their paintings titled “Residential buildings in Shusha”, “Khudaferin bridge”, "Eyes longing for Karabagh" they presented oil painted portraits of Uzeir Hadjibeyov and Natavan. It should be noted that the exihibition also reflected the European Games 2015 in Baku.

Young artists Nermine Veliyeva, Shahla Gahramanli and Gunay Hasanova welcomed the participants of the event and thanked the Government of Azerbaijan for its support in making their project come true.

The event was attended by the employees of the embassy of Azerbaijan in Belgium and Luxembourg, representatives of Azerbaijan-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and cultural and financial community of Luxembourg, artists and ordinary local people.

Young artists from Azerbaijan answered numerous questions of the participants.

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